Friday, June 13


Marianne Walker, who works for COPIC, has started a blog and has been posting helpful tips and techniques using COPIC markers. Today she posted this sketch, WHICH SHE DREW HERSELF!!! Yeah, I know, totally amazing, isn't she???? Anyhoo.... She also posted it BEFORE she colored it! AND she said that we could print it out and color it in ourselves, SO I DID!!!

You can see her blog at : I LIKE MARKERS . BLOGSPOT . COM (just click on that and it will take you right to her!) I really enjoyed coloring in this image this afternoon, and my kids enjoyed seeing it come to life. The sunrise was a happy accident. After I thought I was done with it, I decided to crop the picture down... well, it turned out that some type of ink residue was left on my paper cutter and left some ink in my sky. SO, I did my best to color it in and it got worse. I couldn't believe it! Here I was finished and it looked great (at least to me and the kids!) and here I cut it down to take a picture of it and the stupid paper cutter left crap in my sky!! UGH! (you can see it above the mountains) So, I decided to color in the sky darker and then it was tooooo dark. SO, I added the sun to add yellow and lighten the sky. {NOTE: I do realize that the back of the tallest rock should be dark gray, but didn't realize that much of the rock was still showing until AFTER I took the pictures, so I will color it in for myself, but you have to imagine it darker, ok?? HA HA!}

What do you all think? (Click to enlarge) I don't think it is half bad for not having gone to art school or had ANY type of classes teaching me how to use these markers, or just to teach me how to illustrate in general. I totally could do this allll day long!!! It was the best Friday afternoon I had in a long time! I soooooo enjoy coloring, I told ya'll that before, remember?

Thanks, Marianne! You are so talented and still I think you need to design your own stamp line!

These are the colors I used in the picture; I think there were close to 30 that I used, and still I found myself wishing I had some certain oranges and blues for the sky and starfish.

Have a Great Friday Night!


marianne walker said...

Looks Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed coloring this so much! And your jewelry is amazing. I used to make glass beads in High School, but I never made any this cool!

Tiffany Bauer said...

This picture turned out awesome Nicole!!!! You sure know how to color!!!

Robb_eeie said...

Hey Nicole ....Geesh can you stop talking and showing us all of your #&$^@$@#()!~ Copic markers ! I mean PLEAAAAAAZE ! haaaaa {{just kidding and I hope you know that, but incase the rest of your readers don't}}.
This drawing by Marianne is adorable and I think I will print it off on some cardstock and see how I colour it, with just my pitiful collection of maybe 35 {sigh} Copic {groan} markers {pout} and then we can compare the two and see either how alike they are or how different they are.

I plan on visiting Marianne's Blog this weekend so I'm hoping to learn more about the techniques in using these amazing colouring tools ~ I always say they are "Goof Proof" as they make you look like a professional artist even if you are only capable of staying within the lines :)

Cindee Stacey said...

Nicole, you are one talented lady!!! And in so many different areas! I'm going to print this too and see how I do! I've been following Marianne's blog also and LOVE all the great tutorials she's giving us!!!

TeresaW said...

I follow "I like Markers" too, and just had to pop by to see how you used the freebie when I read your comment. I think you did a better job of colouring it in than I did, but then again, I only used watercolour pencils this time, so maybe that was why.