Tuesday, June 17

TeeBall with Eli

Eli has really been enjoying his first year of youth baseball. This year he plays TeeBall, and then next year he is pitched by machine. One of his best buddies, Quentin, is on his team, so that makes the games extra fun! These pictures are from last week's game; they won, squeaking by at the end with just one more run than the other team!

They change the kids' positions around during the entire game. Eli says he likes playing on first base the best; here he is on third, with Daddy in the background.
He is getting better at hitting off of a T stand. He is used to Scott pitching him the ball, so hitting off the T is difficult for him. Next year should be bettter for him with the machine.

That helmet is bigger than he is! He just turned six in April, but is smaller than his teammates, obviously! HA HA!

He is the little guy there, #9, giving the other team a High-Five for a game well-played! Oh, and that is my honey, Scott, there on the left. He is an assistant coach for our awesome Devil Rays!

Check back later for a cool card collection, inspired by a BODY WASH!
Got ya curious, don't I?

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