Wednesday, June 11

KeyBling for Ms. Lisa

Happy WEDNESDAY Hump Day to you all! My hubby took my laptop to work with him today, so I have been forced to resume to my son's computer. I cannot believe the difference in the photos on my blog. From my laptop computer they look bright and crisp and the right colors in life. THEN I get on his computer and they look dingy and yellow. OK, so which is it? What is it you all see? And if they look dingy and yellow, why didn't you tell me to take a photo-editing class, HA HA HA! Oh, well...

Here's a YUMMY KeyBling for Ms. Lisa in GA. I had to share this beautiful summery keychain with you all! Isn't it purty, MA? HEE HEE! This color combo is just awesome and the little splashes of the Carribean (blue) Opal, Crystal-Satin (silver) Swarovski crystals and chunky silver just make it POP!

Custom made just for Ms. Lisa!!
Hope you like it!!


Tiffany Bauer said...

LOVE these colors!!!!

KJ said...

Man, Tiffany took the words right out of my mouth! lol!

E.T said...

WOW... Gorgeous!