Thursday, June 12

NOTICE to my regular readers

This is to inform you all that I have implemented comment moderation on my blog as of now.

Unfortunately, someone decided to post a comment in one of my posts that I don't feel was appropriate for public viewing, so I have since decided to moderate ALL comments. After you comment, I will be sent an email and will "decide" whether or not it gets published.

OF COURSE, this person didn't leave contact info or a way to figure out who they are, {{ although I know they are near Lincoln and Culver Blvds. in Marina Del Rey, California }}, so that in itself says something about the comment/posting they left; and I think it says a little bit about them, too, don't ya think??

Isn't it sad that there are people out there that just can't "live and let live"?

And, what really angers me is that the comment, basically, insulted my father! Suggesting that he needs to go to some religious website (or so I am assuming, but will not indulge them by actually going to the website they suggested) because he used to have a saying (20 years ago!!!) that involved a curse word. OH GEEZY PETES! Give me a break! I mean, I don't think he is going to go to hell for saying a cuss word in the past! And, if they only knew that he is very active in his church and has Christ as his right hand man, they would feel so silly and embarrassed!

So, just know that after you leave a comment, it will be saved and then posted unless you decide to insult me or someone else in my family!! Thanks for understanding having to implement this change on my blog.

Have a good afternoon!


Tiffany Bauer said...

That just stinks!!!!! Why can't people just keep their rude comments to their self???

KJ said...

SERIOUSLY?!?! Whatev. People can be so lame. Sorry it had to happen to you. Thanks for not letting it make you stop blogging altogether....I'd have to cry. ;)