Monday, June 9

Spellbinders Universal Dies

Hi ALL! I just wanted to let you know that I found a YouTube video on Spellbinders Dies and how to use them in an assortment of different diecut machines, including the Revolution, Cuttlebug, BigKick and more. I was told that you couldn't emboss their dies with the Revolution, which is what I have, but Stacey Caron, co-owner of Spellbinders has proved that otherwise! Please note that some machines, including the Revolution, will not stand behind their warranty if you use other manufacturers dies besides their own. So, unless your machine is a 'universal' die cut machine, you may be putting your warranty in jeopardy when stepping into other diecut brands.

Click HERE to see the different options you have with Spellbinders!!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

Thanks so much for finding this video!!! I new I had heard somewhere that you could emboss with these little burgers using our Revolution machine!!! Now all I need is that tan embossing mat.