Friday, June 6

Seasonal WHITE Chili

Since I am ditching my hubby again to go to another fundraiser/crop this weekend, I figured I could at least make him some food so he doesn't starve to have to cook himself.

HOLY CRAPOLA, I love this recipe for White Chili! Scott will especially love it since it has chicken in it and he is so health conscious. My sister led me to this recipe via Seasonal Delights Magazine. It is a wonderful quarterly ezine, that I believe is also paper-printed as well. Kelli is very creative with her crafts, but even more talented in the kitchen! You need to purchase a subscription for downloading, but I tell ya, it is worth it! Just $5.00 an issue when you subscribe for a year. The typical ezine has over 40 pages, tons of pictures and tutorials for her crafts and recipes. Check out her personal blog, too! She includes lots of other ideas inbetween the ezine issues there. I know white chili is more for fall and winter, but after I read the simplicity of the recipe's instructions and looked over the ingredients, I couldn't wait! I knew it was going to taste awesome, and IT DOES!!!

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