Friday, June 13

Postage Change

I forgot to post about my latest experience at the Post Office. I was sending a card that I had made, which (of course) was thicker than a normal letter due to its embellishments of ribbon and a pop-dotted image.

In the past all it took to send this exact type of card was an additional .17 stamp. Well, since I was sending some other packages at the same time (Lisa & JenMarie, they are coming!), I had the post office gal double check to be sure that I had enough postage on it. I had even put on TWO of the old .41 stamps. OKAY, lets do some easy math here.... .41 + .41 = .82 !! ((I couldn't find my .17 stamps, so I figured I would just make sure it got delivered with two of the old .41 stamps.)) Well, the gal weighed it and put it through a 1/4" slot to ensure its pass-ability (I am sure that is a word!) through the automated machines. And she comes back to tell me that it needs .83!!!!!! WHAAAA??? I said, "I used to have to just put on a .17 stamp to ensure hand-cancelling the stamp, in case it was too thick and couldn't go through the machine." And, she said that since the postage went up again, that this policy has also changed. The only time that .17 is needed is when it just weighs more than an ounce (heavy paper layers) and is of normal paper thickness; and that when it is thicker than normal, that basically an additional stamp (.41) is needed on top of the first current .42 stamp. SO, I gave her a penny for the additional postage and NOW I guess I will be using those old .41 stamps for sending my handmade greeting cards!

If anyone has any information that negates this or has experienced something different, please let me know with a post here on with an email. I know that the gal I was speaking to is not the head post master of this office, and I know she hasn't been there very long (that's not to say that she hasn't worked at another post office in the past though) so, I really question the accuracy of the info she has given me. I certainly don't want to pay for extra postage when I don't have to.

This may just warrant a trip to the post office in the next town over. That gives me an excuse to see one of my favorite customers anyway, PLUS, SHE WILL KNOW 100% how much I should be paying for sending thicker cards. I say this because on more than one occasion, she has corrected information that Jasper's post office has given me. IF I can manage it, I will head over there today and get the info from her and let ya know! Until then...


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