Friday, June 27

Washer Shopping

There is nothing like going shopping for a new washing machine, knowing full well that the average price is around a grand! I mean, this is an important purchase! They can sanitize, deep clean, even gently launder those delicate items, even silk and wool, that you would normally dry clean!

MAN, I WISH I could just get the one I REALLY REALLY WANT, you know the RUBY RED HOT machine that just makes you WANT to do laundry? Just even looking at it, I am IN LOVE! I love the design, the controls, the chrome and stainless steel! I think this is why my dad likes to car-shop so much and basically explains most mens' desire for a new sports-car! HA HA!

Oh, well, since I spent the morning running around shopping for a new washer and getting even more shopping/grocery/banking done, I didn't have time to make a newbie artisan piece for you. I pray that my hubby gets the one I need and not the one I WANT, which I KNOW he will. He takes such good care of me and the kids and never leaves me wanting for anything that I really need; just usually unnecessary things that I don't need! I guess deep-down I am glad he's frugal, because SOMEONE has to be!


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