Thursday, June 12

COPICS, as far as the eyes can see!

I had a few requests to post some pics of my Copic markers... Here they are in their wonderful rainbow-beauty! I will clean off my desk soon and re-take pictures of my hobby room. I have changed it a weeeeeee little bit.... hee hee. So, for now, this will have to do! I have 4 other grays that don't fit in the racks, but I don't tend to use the darker ones anyway, so I have them nearby on another shelf. I apparently don't know how to add, so I ordered a few too many markers in my last order. (This is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!)

As you can see, I arranged them in a certain order, not only according to ROYGBIV colors. I tend to use the lighter colors, so I positioned them closest to me in front with their coordinating colors away (behind them) from me.

After the blue-violets and violets, I put the earthtones on the end, with the blacks and grays, and ever-so-popular blender pen with "magic juice" wrapping up the right side. I know where every single pen goes by memory! HA HA! Nah, just joking!

Have a nice evening!


StamperSharon said...

I think YOU are the that has ALL the Copics, girlie, LOL! Love your display!

Robb_eeie said...

{{ That is my cry of SHEER jealously }}
Thanks for sharing my dream, Miss Copic Queen :)))

JenMarie said...

Ooooo, Ahhh, so beeeautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crapola Nicole! I knew you used the new markers at Tif's crop, but I didn't know you had the entire rainbow! Knowing you-I should've guessed-go big or go home!!! Ha. Love the father's day card! Swak!