Sunday, June 8

Two Great Gals

Yesterday two of my friends and I went to a fundraiser-croppin' event in Evansville to help support a Pregnancy Resource Center that helps all women who are expecting a baby. Well, if you have ever gone to a scrapping-all-day-crop event, you would know that it totally kills all the fun when you end up having to sit next to two fuddy-duddies at nearby tables.

Thank goodness that didn't happen to us! We ended up sitting next to two great gals, both by the name of Sheri and Shari, I am assuming. They spelled their names different, but I didn't get the details of that. Sheri and Shari were both so fun and easy to talk to. I hope that we cross paths again at future crops and wouldn't mind having arrangements to sit with them again, not just to ensure NOT getting put next to fuddy-duddies next time, but because I really think they are just two great gals!!!

{ IF YOU are one of the Shari's/Sheri's please be sure to email me your contact info so we can keep in touch! }

Well, I am off to the craft room to cook up some goodies today. I am going to attempt to catch up on EVERYONE's orders so that I can ship all of them complete this week! Josh returned from camp late last night at 4am! They had to take numerous detours to get home due to flooding in the northern part of the state, but they finally made it home, 3 hours later than expected. I guess I should go wake him up so that he can fill me in on all of the details of his week! I am glad to see him home, and so are Eli, KayLee and Isaac, too! They asked about him each and every day!

Enjoy your SUNDAY!

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