Wednesday, June 4

KayLee, the Artist!

I was headed to the craft room earlier this morning to get started on those items listed below in the previous post.... and saw that my daughter, KayLee, still hadn't gotten dressed yet. UGH! I had asked her three times now! It is hard to stay mad at her when she can turn around and surprise you with something like this! I said, "KayLee, go get dressed!", and she says, "Look, Mommy, it's the earth!" So, needless to say I HAD to go grab the camera, which I have finally found, thank goodness, or I would have missed this! She turns to me and says, "That is art!" HA HA HA! I told her, that YES it is and that maybe one day she will be an artist like mommy and she said, "I already AM! I draw and color and I made Daddy a card for his birthday, remember?" I told her that I stood corrected and she was right!

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Anonymous said...

omg!! that is great!!