Sunday, March 22

Added back the Top 100 Voting

For those long-time blog followers you will notice that the cute little pink, green and black striped tent banner is back at LEFT! Encouraged this morning by an email from a fellow jewelry designer in California, Julie of, I have decided to bring back the Top 100 Jewelry Designers banner. Just knowing that she found me on that site after not really supporting it for a while makes me re-think its' benefits of people (and future customers) finding me!

HOW DO YOU VOTE? All you have to do is click on that cute striped tent, which takes you to another screen. THEN just click on the LONG WHITE BAR to enter. That is it!! SO EASY!

Best thing yet is that you can click on the tent EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yep, you can click on the banner one time every 24 hours! WOOHOO! I am not going to be a huge stickler about counting up the votes at the Top 100 Jewelry Designers website, but I will be able to tell if you are really doing it by following the numbers. Don't feel like you HAVE to do this everyday! Just if you want! AND if you want more entries for that week's freebie!

If you click on the TENT/BANNER, just leave a comment on the Wednesday Winner Post that you did so, and I will give you an additional entry into the Wednesday Winner Drawing for that week!

OK, so I am sure you want to know.... WHERE IN THE HECK IS THIS WEEK'S WINNER POST?????


I haven't posted it yet! BUT, if you do care to go ahead and post a comment that you clicked on the banner and entered the site, you can let me know on THIS POST RIGHT HERE NOW! Also, if you want to be entered into the drawing for the keychain (which is coming up) you can comment on this post what your most favorite jewelry piece is... wedding ring? antique gift from your grandma? Let's hear those stories! Be sure to check out Julie's designs, too. She and I are quite similar in our styles!!

Enjoy your day! Thanks, Julie!!


ms.cheryl said...

HHMMM, I clicked the tent and the white bar and read most of the adds but that is all. Was that correct?
My favorite jewelry piece is a cross with diamonds that my nephew gave me for mother's day about 4 years ago. He picked it out and financed it all by himself. He was about 18 years old. I thought it was so special because I'm not his mother but he thought enough of me to include me on that special day. It's my only diamond necklace and it is very dainty.
Please enter me in the WW draw for the keychain. I am going to check out Julie's designs now and then will leave links on my blog here:
Thank you so much for the weekly giveaways. It is so thoughtful and generous. ms.cheryl

Nicole said...

YES, Ms. Cheryl! Just click on the tent, then click on the long white bar!
That registers me a vote! If you would like to see my ranking, then just page down to find my banner.
I am on page two I expect! THANKS FOR THE VOTE!!!!

Hugs, Nicole

Nicole said...

Oh, guess what? I am on the first page already!! Number 20!! Thanks for the votes, people!

Cheri Howard said...

I don't really wear a lot of jewelry except earrings. My favorite pair is made with glass beads in my favorite shade of blue and dangle just a bit. I bought them at the fair at the same time I bought my mom some similar earrings.

I voted for you at the Top 100 site - your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole-Yes I am still among the living. Just very busy this week. Was on call on Wed night and was there until 2am. Neil built the world's largest (it seems) sandbox for the boys over the weekend. Anyhoo-my favorite piece of jewelry is the diamond necklace that Neil gave me after Zachary was born! I am going to go vote right now-AND THAT'S IT!!

Angie Will said...

I voted... gave you a 10... what else is there? I love jewelry, so I guess I like it all, but the piece that means the most to me would have to be my anniversary band. I just wanted a simple, small band. However, my husband, whom I didn't think was sentimental, insisted on a past,present,future diamond band! He said there was a stone for catching him, one for keeping him, and one for putting up with him for the next 100 years! So much for romantic! I never take it off.
Have a great week. Are your kiddos on spring break? I am! Yeah!!

Robb_eeie said...

Hey Nicole ... you have already moved up on the ranks to #17! WooHoo! Don't worry, we'll get you back up in the top 3 in no time :))

My favorite piece of jewellery ... Hmm I shall have to sleep on that then hopefully on Tuesday when I *Hopefully* remember to vote again, I'll have a good answer for you :)

Monica said...

I clicked and entered the site!
Your work is stunning! I also commented on teh post above this my favorite piece of jewlery!


Carolyn King said...

ok...clicking now!