Wednesday, March 18

Wednesday Winner drawing this afternoon....

.... again life has happened. I spent all morning trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer. I am thinking that a phonecall to my dad is in order. Since he used to work for Compaq and Dell, I am hoping he will know what I need to do to fix what is wrong....

THEN I had to get Scott all ready to head out of town for business and then had to FINALLY go pick up my new Hannah Van. They had to put in a new DVD player, and switch out the tires. Since we bought new tires in December, Scott wasn't about to let those go! SO, we had them switch them onto our new van.


Obviously I am not prepared to draw! SO, once the kids come home I will put together the drawing video and show ya the winner! REMEMBER that if no one claims the SURPRISE GOODIES, they will just be added onto next week's WedWinner, which is a keychain!!

I guess I should go and put that one together, huh? I have had a SEVERLY busy past two weeks and I don't see it lightening up until June. I know what is going on for the rest of March (spring break, including a trip to the ZOO, getting ready for the summer's H.H. Gallery jewelry weekend-showings) and April pretty much (two birthdays, Prom, PostProm, parents traveling in...etc...), then May brings three more birthdays (two kids and the hubby's!), BPA Nationals in Dallas and then of course Josh's high school graduation! All this and I have a non-working laptop; which means everytime I want to post something or email I have to come to Josh's bedroom and raid his!! UGHHHH!

On that note, I better get going! I will post the winner sometime this afternoon or tonight. Apologies for this craziness! I am considering either taking a break from the blogging (which I seriously can't see happening, I like it too much!) or at least putting the Weekly Freebies on HOLD until things slow down. I will think on it and see what happens.



Mary said...

k you are certainly a busy busy girl. And the computer thing. Why can't you get a wireless connection plugin for the internet? My daughter has one and my sister has one. You should look into something like that. ?

Nicole said...

That IS what I have, but now the computer isn't recognizing ANY internet access, even PLUGGED INTO the cable from the wall!!! AGHK!

Kathleen said...

oh my Nicole. I don't know how you're going to fit blogging into that schedule! Good luck!