Thursday, March 5

Lady Bug AWARD!!

AW! Cheri Howard honored me with this cute little award!! I so appreciate it! THANKS, CHERI!!

Of course, I am supposed to forward it! Due to time-constraints, PLEASE let me direct you to my blog roll at left!

There are so many bloggers out there that are awesome that I can't possibly put them ALL on my blog, but these peeps are the gals that I love to watch. Whether it be their humor (Stampin' with Di) or their techniques and tips (I like Markers) or their sheer talent (every single one in the blog roll!) I love to visit these gals the most! I try to comment when I can, but if I did every single time, I would never get any cards made or laundry done! LOL!!

SO! If you are in my blog roll, consider yourself awarded with this LadyBug Award, because your blog does make MY HEART SMILE!!!!!!!!!!! So, add it to your blog and forward it to your favorites, too, if you wish!

See you all in a bit!

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