Sunday, March 8

Wish him luck!

I just shipped out my son! Josh is headed to Indy for a two-day State-Level competition for BPA, which stands for Business Professionals of America. Last year he didn't place to go to Nationals, but I am thinking that this year he just might do it!

He left here looking all spiffy in slacks and tie, such a handsome fella! His expertise is in spreadsheets (like Excel software) and a couple of other things I just don't understand. BUT, all I know is how proud I am of his accomplishments thus far. Placing FIRST at Regionals/District is awesome and surely speaks to his ability to do well at State today and tomorrow.

Josh returns on Tuesday afternoon, so as soon as I hear what his results are, I will fill you in!

GOOD LUCK, JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chrissi said...

I know I'm a little late, but I hope Josh did well!! Congratulations on your accomplishments!!