Wednesday, March 11

Wednesday Winner POSTED!

Whether you can hear the audio or not, WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post next week's Wednesday Winner tomorrow!!!!!!!!


Marci Knecht said...

Congrats to Robbie! I'm sure she'll love it, the card is beautiful - much better to have then scrappy goodies in my opinion.

I love that you do the videos everyweek, its so fun to hear your voice and your little one is just adorable :)

Julie Temple said...

Congrats Robbie!! I just LOVE to see Isaac and KayLee doing the pulls...they are so adorable!


Mary said...

Hi Nicole, You have been a very busy girl. :) Thanks for all you share with us and also for taking the time to make the adorable video. Have a wonderful God Blessed Wednesday! I have about 20 blogs that I follow everyday and sometimes I don't have time to get to all of them everyday. So I try to visit at least once a week.

Robb_eeie said...

Just a sec while I pick-up my jaw off the floor! WOOOOHOOOOO I won?

I have to email you again Nicki,to tell you how I heard your voice for the very first time, tonight, while listening/watching the draw--after approx. two hours of "work" on my laptop, we finally have high-speed set-up at home with volume! ha! Now I know why you said to "Watch the video even with no audio". Sneaky Sneaky! LOL

Ohhh I'm just doing a dance right now but like everyone else, I love watching the kids doing their weekly chore of pulling names :) You need to get these cuties into some commercials, especially with those adorable dimples.

Thanks Nichole ~~ I've been having a difficult time over the past couple of weeks, just kinda ~blue~, but this certainly has put me on Cloud Nine!!!

Gotta go watch the draw again :)

XX Robbi OO

Carolyn King said...

omgosh...too cute! Great video too...neat way of picking! Hope you are doing well girl. And WHO wouldnt come back to see if they won something you made???? geepers--people are nutso!