Thursday, March 19


That is what I had to do with my computer to get it to start working at all again! A FULL RECOVERY!

For those of you who don't know what that means, don't feel bad, I didn't know what it was last night until I talked to a wonderful Tech Support gal through my Staples warranty contract. AMBER was so awesome, I can't even begin to tell you! Well, we figured out that there was some type of "malware" on my computer keeping it from working and recognizing anything! SO, now I had to save ALL of my files, etc to Josh's computer (using a flashdrive) and then had to LOSE ALL OF EVERYTHING down to factory settings!

I have to re-install all of my software again, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc... Yeah, fun. BUT, at least I have internet AND wireless abilities now! WOW, it is true that you don't know what you got until it's gone, let me TELL YA!

I lost all of everything in 'MY FAVORITES'; all of my favorite blogsites, beadsites, scrapstores, everything. Sad, but it is almost like decluttering... kind of feel like a fresh start has been forced upon me, so it's all good!

WELL, gotta get the crazies up and ready for school! Check back later for something new!

Have a great THURSDAY MORN!


Precious Scraps by Beverly said...

Oh you poor thing. I have had this happen to me in the past and it is a headache building all of your info back up. But as you said, sometimes decluttering can be good. Have a great day!

Cheri Howard said...

So sorry to hear that. I'm so glad it got fixed, too.

Tip: I don't know if Firefox is compatible with your computer system, but it's a great browser AND it has an add-on extension called Foxmarks that will synchronize your bookmarks on your computer with any other computer you install Foxmarks on (password protected) AND an online file of all your bookmarks.

My school district swaps out our laptops every few years, and Foxmarks has saved my bacon a number of times when I had to use a student machine for a short time.

Kathleen said...

Oh no Nicole. What a hassle. This has happened to me before and it is a pain. But I know what you mean about getting a fresh start too. I have so many bookmarks (a lot that I don't even use anymore but have been too lazy to delete) that it's nice in a little way to begin again. I'm glad you didn't lose me tho! Hope you survived the single parenting ~ it's definitely hard. Happy Spring too!