Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday Winner WHOOPS!

Sorry Peeps, I totally spaced this week's Wednesday Winner! I don't have time to get everything ready and the video-uploaded for noontime now. I have to get Isaac fed and ready for preschool! AND then there is noone to draw!! SO, I am going to allow new entries until 3pm and then have KayLee do the drawing after she comes home from school!

OOOOOOOH! I almost forgot! I am not only drawing for today's WEDNESDAY WINNER! I am drawing for LAST WEEK'S TOO! I know that there are peeps out there that blog-candy-hop and don't really follow people's blogs, so when the last gal didn't contact me this whole week, I decided she must really not 'follow' my blog and all of its' abundant creativity! HAHAHAAA!

SO, I am re-drawing for the necklace, too! YEAH!!! LUCKY YOU!!!!! So, check back around 4'ish and I will have the new video ready! {NOTE: If I don't, then email me! I might have forgotten again! LOL!!!}

Enjoy the rest of your morning!


Nancy said...

I don't know where I'm supposed to post, but I hope I'm in the right place! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy, and I really do love your blog ;)!

Crafty Engineering said...

I'll go for another chance at the necaklace! I have your blog in my Google reader, so I always get your updates! ;)

MaryD said...

I posted a comment for the stamp drawing like when I was suppose to last Wednesday and you are linked up to my blog. It shows you have a few comments.