Saturday, March 28

Saturday Craziness!

WOW, it is going to be a crazy day today! SOOOOOOO MUCH to catch up on that didn't get done this week due to Spring Break and the kids taking over the house. I have to wrap up some paper-craft responsibilities and then head back yet again to the laundry room.

Yesterday the kids and I couldn't go to the zoo again. It was once again just too brisk for them to enjoy the trip and the clouds made it seem like it was going to rain any minute. SO, we decided to head down to the basement with popcorn and boxes of movie candy in hand and watch their first official scary movie, MONSTER HOUSE. It was really good! PERFECT for their ages of almost 4, almost 6 and almost 7. So, that is how we wrapped up the week!! TOO FUN!

I will be crafting all weekend for fun and for 'work', so I will be sure to have something new for you to see soon! Thanks to everyone for your voting support and for sharing your favorite jewelry stories! If you are still wanting to get in on next Wednesday's BLOG CANDY, be sure to check out THIS POST HERE! And don't forget that if you vote for me (by clicking on that cute tent, and then on the long white bar) just leave a comment on the Wednesday Winner Post to let me know what I am currently ranked (#2 right now!) and that will give you another entry to win the keychain!!!!

Back soon! Enjoy your day!

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