Friday, March 13

No, I didn't....

.... drop off the face of the earth.....

I was busy today! I cleaned up my van (took me hours!) and traded it for another. Took a tiny bit of (hubby) convincing, but tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a Luxury AWD Sports Edition Pontiac Montana!!

I hadn't ever been in one of these vans before, so I was reluctant to see it after talking to my dealer just over the phone. BUT when I went out to see it I fell in love with it! Seriously, it is EXACTLY like my Olds Silhouette van, even drives the same, after all it is a GM product...but it is newer! Don't get me wrong, it is no Lexus or Mercedes, but I need a newer van like you have no idea! It is leather, loaded, CD with MP3 hookup, DVD and DUAL AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOORS!! AND it has ALL-wheel drive! Better than my front wheel drive! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

{I wish I could own one of those crossover types, but with having 6 people in this family and with the amount of luggage we have to take (no matter where we go) we really just need the extension of a minivan; WE NEED ROOM!}

For those of you close to me, you KNOWWWWWWWWWWW how much I need this!! Aren't ya just a wee bit happy for me?? I ALWAYS name my vehicle. 'Betsy' is what I have always called my cars... but I told Scott we were going to call this one Hannah, HAHAHA, get it?? Hannah Montana??!! HAAAAHA! I am so funny sometimes!

Anyhoo... sorry about the Wed Winner not being posted yet, but as you can see this was a super busy day! I PROMISE to get it posted ASAP, after the whole car-money-exchanging process tomorrow. Thanks for being patient!



ms.cheryl said...

There's nothing like buying a new car/van. I recently bought a Dodge Journey. It is a crossover and everyone always says" What kind of car is that?" and they look at it with curiosity. It has storage like you wouldn't believe. It even has built in Ice storage in the back seat floor board.
I will patiently wait for you to post my/the name.
ENJOY your day!!! ms.cheryl

Julie Temple said...

Congrats on the new vehicle!! I LOVE the Hannah...You crack me up!
Enjoy your new Montana!!

RUbber Hugs,

Tiffany Bauer said...

CONGRATS Girl!!!!! I soooo know how you needed/wanted a new van!!! Glad it has finally happened and I can't wait to see Hannah!!!!