Thursday, March 12

Wed. Winner UPDATE

Sorry there, Peeps! I still haven't designed up the next winner. It is in my head, but I haven't the time to get to it. I have been doing some super spring cleaning in anticipation for just that, SPRING! I need to go through the kids' rooms and DE-CLUTTAHHHH! Oh my gosh, their is no need for more toys until they get to Middle School when I can then donate them to a charity!

OH, and I guess it doesn't help that the wiring in my home is fried where the wireless thingy is hooked up. For some reason the room has no electricity in the walls.... and YESSSSS before you comment, we did check the fuse box, etc... it's not that. We think that the new microwave being hooked into this wiring section of the house has caused it to 'wear out' in a way. SO, until this weekend, I am needing to keep the computer plugged into the wall, and that is in Josh's room!! Yeah.... REALLLLLLL convenient. And for this reason, I haven't been online, bloghopping, commenting or been on facebook either!! Do ya miss me?? HEEHEE!! We also have wrestling and dance tonight, too.... hmm.....

I will post the next Wednesday Winner sooner than later, I hope, but for now, the dryer is calling my name...


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Mary said...

Clean baby clean. :) I have been doin' the same thing for SPRING!
Yay another sunny day tomorrow. A sunny day really puts me in a mood for cleaning. So we must push ourselves away from the puter screen to prepare for a special season.