Friday, March 6

Wednesday Winner for March 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting back to the 'basics' here! This week's Wednesday Winner is this summery-looking Birthday card; perfect for gift-giving over the next few months! Please don't be disappointed that it isn't another necklace or stamping supply! I will do that all too soon again, though, I promise!

Hmm... How do you win?? Let's see... I KNOW!

Since Spring Breaks are upon us, leave a comment on what you plan to do on your spring break! If you have no plans, then... what do you WISH you could do for an entire week??? Keep it clean; NO wishing that you could find the Bachelor Jason, in hopes that he will change his mind AGAIN to be with you! LOL! {I am so funny sometimes!} Enjoy the week!

Thanks for playing! Drawing will be March 11th at noontime!


Nancy said...

You are so funny! I would love to stay home the my kiddos and just relax!!! I really wish ;)

Cheri Howard said...

I plan to sleep, organize, craft and catch up on my TV shows on DVD!

Beautiful card, Nicole! Come by my blog for a chance to be a winner yourself!

Erin said...

I am a FT grad student as well as working almost FT as a substitute teacher. So, even though I have 2 spring breaks, they don't line up at all. Which is nice b/c I'll have 2 weeks that are more relaxing, but it would be nice to have a full week off. I wish I were spending it down in Cancun or someplace else tropical!

Angie Will said...

I know what I am not going to do... grade papers!
I hope to spend more time with my family, catch up on my scrappin, and do some real cooking!

I love the card. Wish I had more talent like you!

Tiffany Bauer said...

Well lets see what am I doing for spring break......hmmmmmm...oh yeah I WILL BE IN HAWAII!!!!!!

Sorry just had to do that!!!! You know I would take you and some others if I could!!!

Love the card too!!!

Lori said...

I love the colors in the card. Spring break I will be spending time with the kids. Thanks for the chance to win.

sarita said...

since i'm retired i don't have a "spring break" - everyday's saturday when you're retired! but if i DID have a spring break i would love to go to London to visit an online friend! thank you for the opportunity to win something wonderful!

jan farnworth said...

i have no plans as of right now i used to come home to see my mom when i was in college cause my birthday and hers fall during that week almost every year. This year i probably just hang out at home with my kiddo and hit the park alot of it gets nice out.

Robb_eeie said...

Pretty card Nichole ~ Especially enjoy your colour choices :)

HMMmmm IF I had a Spring Break my fantasy (clean one that is LOL) would be to throw all eletrical communication items in the garbage for a week, minimum (pager, blackberry, cell, computer, phone, etc.) and then to twitch my nose and magically appear on a secluded beach with my hubby, where we could catch-up and I could also catch-up with my list of casual books and stamp magazines.

Talk about ~BLISS~ :)

trekmom said...

We have no plans so far. Just planning on enjoying the kids having no homework for a week!!

Kathy said...

Just enjoying the nicer weather, my sons sports and the dogs. Kathy T

mommaladystamper said...

I would LOVE to take the entire week to make cards~~Not goin' to happen thou lol. Just to have my DD stay home 2 days so we could do Mother D stuff: mostly shopping!!! Have a good one. Alice R.

Nicole said...

Blog Candy CLOSED!

I have tons to do today, so I am closing this one early!

Come back later to see the winner and the next
Wednesday Winner which will be posted tomorrow!

THANKS!!!!!! Nicole

Chrissi said...

I know you've already drawn your winner, but I just wanted to say that this is very beautiful!! Simple, but very pretty!