Tuesday, March 10

NO monetary donation needed to support fighting U.S. Child HUNGER!

A local company, Kimball International, has joined the fight against U.S. (keeping it in the STATES!!!) child hunger. I got an email from a scrap-book friend who lead me to this: PLEDGE TO END CHILD HUNGER SITE.

All you have to do is add your name, email, and state you live in. Click on the SHARE box at top (meaning you will share this pledge with your friends and family) and you have helped send food to hungry children!!!

{Note: you of course, can also volunteer and donate your own money, but if anything, just spread the word!!}

Tyson Foods has also promised to send up to two more trucks of food to the states that generate the most pledges!! INDIANA is in the lead!! WOOHOOOOO!! Leave a comment on this post if you decide to pledge your support! I am curious how many people will pledge because they read this post!! You can stay anonymous, just let me know which state you are in!

So, please click on the link above, sign in the pledge box (your name, addy and state) and help...


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Chrissi said...

Hey, I pledged! Indiana is in the lead still; however, I'm in TN. :)