Friday, March 20

I know... I know...

... the Wednesday Winner isn't posted.

Single parenting sucks, that is all I am saying!

With Scott being gone, I haven't been able to get crap done! OH MY, it is going to be a long 21 hours until he gets home! I will try my best to get it done tomorrow. NO PROMISES though! I DID manage to get a few things done, just not anything artsy fartsy.

Pray for me... just that I survive with at least a little sanity until Scott gets home!

Have a super Friday!


Chrissi said...

Time can get away from you quickly, can't it? I am all too familiar with the 'single parenting' routine. With 4 kids, some days I just feel like nothing has gotten done. But, then again, when my hubby is home, I feel all out of routine. I haven't gotten anything done for me this week cause I try to spend every minute I can (cause it's short) with him. Ryan goes back to NY tomorrow and we won't see him until the end of May!!!

You've only got a few hours left--you can do it!! Just don't push yourself to try to get everything done when you are used to his help; it will just drive you crazy!!

RockerJewlz said...

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