Sunday, March 22

Is it really....

.... Sunday? OMGosh! I slept in yesterday, to recover from the lack of hubby since Wednesday. BOY did I need it! I am finally feeling back to normal. I got to make some cards yesterday, no sun left to take pictures of them with, so I will do that today.

NO, the Wed. Winner isn't done... Long story, I ran into a snag, got fed up, went back to the paper. Just don't have any jewelry-mojo right now. I go in spurts you know.

Will post soon, though.

As for life, it is crazy! I have the weekends pretty much covered from now until June, so it is busy busy busy around here..... One of these days life will slow down. Probably when Josh leaves for college in the fall!! THEN I will wish it was busier so I wouldn't notice him gone! I expect to be a mess when that happens, haha!

Have a great day!

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