Sunday, March 1

From Kelly

My dear friend, Kelly (SEE HER BLOG HERE), made me this wonderful birthday card! WOW, it is sooooooo stunning! She and I both aren't BOLD BRIGHTS fans, but we agree that this card is just wonderful! Thanks, Kelly! I had a great time with her and a bunch of other gals this weekend, going to two crops on Friday and Saturday!

Here's a SHOUT OUT to Miss Kris F for not being able to go and letting me go in her behalf. You were missed, Kris! AND you won a couple things!! I will see you tomorrow! (Hope Kelsey is better!)

Enjoy your Sunday! Thanks again, Kelly, for my beautiful card!


Denise (peanutbee) said...

It is a beautiful card, WOW!

KJ said...

It really is starting to grow on me...and that one is definitely my favorite. I showed Steve the other ones and he said he really liked the colors....girly, but he liked them! LOL!!